OD Steria Fabrics Limited

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Welcome to OD Steria Fabrics Limited, where it is our mission to deliver the finest in Da viva, ATL, Woodin, Doby, Gineau Brocade, Adire, Printex, Batik, Atiku, Akosombo and much more for less. We stock thousands of different fabrics in an amazing selection of styles and colours to ensure your events always come out perfectly.

OD Steria Fabrics Limited is a Lagos, Lekki-based Fabrics Company that has offered wholesale and retail fabrics to customers all over Nigeria. We have built our business around a commitment to deliver the finest fabrics to our customers for a fraction of their original pricing. Because of this guiding principle, we have managed to grow our business to become one of the largest dealers of wholesale fabrics in Nigeria.

Xmas sales is now available in our stores

Contact us today at: OD Steria Fabrics Limited, Eleganza Shopping Mall Blk B, Shops 3 and 4, opp VGC Lekki
Contact no.: 014631403 / 017757332
Email: maria.odanmen@yahoo.com

Hurry and visit us today to catch up with your xmas sales

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