Thursday, 25 September 2014

Amber Rose says Kim Kardashian caused split with Kanye . . .

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Old but juicy During a November appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show" Amber Rose opened up about her ex, 
Kanye West
, and his relationship with 
Kim Kardashian
, dropping a big hint that the socialite may have driven a wedge between them. But now Amber is past hints, reportedly telling Star magazine in an interview, “"Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together.”
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Rose told Star that the affair between Kim and Kanye began when the 31-year-old reality TV star began sending explicit pictures of herself. “She was sending pictures, and I was like, ‘Kim, just stop. Don’t be that person,’” Amber said, adding that she reached out to Kim via e-mail for an explanation. “I thought at least she’d be woman enough to respond to me. She never responded. It’s very important that us women stick together and we don’t f--- each other over like that.”

Amber on Kim, Kanye, and Reggie . . .

She says that the affair happened during the time that she was dating Kanye and Kim was still tied to NFL player Reggie Bush. “They were both cheating,” Rose said. “They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.” Either way, Amber Rose doesn’t sound too bitter about things, thanks to her current relationship with Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa. “I want to thank her,” she said, referring to Kim. “Because if she was never a homewrecker, then I never would have met Wiz, and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.”

Rose was temporarily linked to Reggie Bush after the Miami Dolphins player split with Kim, but she explained the brief rendezvous on "The Wendy Williams Show," saying. "I broke up with Kanye and he broke up with Kim. We met right after. We were both going through a hard time. We were each other's rebounds. It was brief, it was nice, he was a great guy!"

These days, Kim, Kanye and Reggie are the furthest thing on her mind. Amber is all about her boo, Wiz Khalifa. "I want to be with him for the rest of my life," she said "I never did [believe in marriage] until I met him. I never thought it would happen for me!"

And since Kim is now back on the market, Kanye, perhaps it's a good time to hook-up--we mean work on some new music again.

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