Monday, 23 December 2013

IK Ogbonna: I Wish I Could Marry All The Girls In The World

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Nolywood actor/model IK Ogbonna has paid a big price for being such a handsome guy. Recently there was an allegation that his recent trip to the US was to satisfy the sexual urge of his female customers as a gigolo and homosexual.
Seven years ago, he was a nobody, he moved to Lagos alone and had a very rough time. Sometimes he slept on the street, for like three years or so, he slept in cars and today, he is hot and famous.
IK Ogbonna's fashion weakness is the fact that he could be regarded as metrosexual in looks especially because he is not confident in wearing clothes that’s not fitted. He feels lost in clothes that are not cut to fit his body.

Apart from that he doesn’t think he has any weakness. He revealed that he has a crush on Genevieve Nnaji, whenever she’s around he loses his guards…

He loves art and loves his tattoos, every tattoo on his body is related to the Bible verses he loves and that guide him.
"Sorry to all those who doesn’t like it, tattoos don’t define who you are like; they say read a book and know its content. Know the person, not the tattoos," he said.
For the ladies, he loves everyone of you and he wishes he could marry all of you but since he can’t, he can only love and appreciate you, ladies.

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