Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sad: Ini Edo Loses Pregnancy, Actress Suffers Miscarriage

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According to what Encomium magazine reported, Nollywood actress, Ini Edo has lost her pregnancy. Ini Edo's pregnancy has recently become a controversial issue when pictures of the talented actress taken at recent events she attends shows a 'table flat' tummy. This has made some people ask if she is still pregnant.
At most events Ini went to in recent times, she is pictured wearing a big belt around her stomach area, which raised further eyebrows. At the US launch of her fashion line and other events, she was so spotted.
Ini's pregnancy became more controversial when
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Mercy Johnson, who was also reported to have been pregnant almost the same time with Ini, flaunted her pregnancy recently.
An excerpt of what Encomium reported is presented below;
"Pretty actress, Ini Edo recently suffered a loss. She lost the pregnancy she was carrying for hubby, Philip Ehiagwina. The actress, a few months back, confirmed to an online magazine that she was indeed on a nine month course and ignited the fury of fans who felt she had first denied and then confirmed.
"According to insiders, the actress, who was spotted looking every inch a super star (at the 32nd birthday party of Actress Stephanie O-Linus), also spotted a table flat tummy. 'If she has not lost the baby, she would be almost ready to bring it to bed by now. Here is wishing her all the best as she tries again.'
"On Monday, October 8, 2012, we contacted the actress on phone on the issue and her personal assistant, Edward said, 'She is sleeping right now. I don’t know anything about her losing her pregnancy.
"Maybe when she wakes up she will talk to you about that. But I am not aware of anything about such information.'
"Thereafter, our repeated calls were ignored by the actress, even the text message we sent was not acknowledged.
"The text message read, 'we called earlier, but eddy said you were asleep. There is a story here that you lost your pregnancy and we would love to hear your response as we go to press now. Thanks." Source: twimovies


  1. na waooo witches and wizards don reach there be dat. ini take heart n seek spiritual help

  2. Nigerians can never change how can u conclude its witches just like dat. she mit be having a medical condition. u r already advising her to seek spiritual help. God help u

  3. u people should leave this actresses to enjoy their marriages. pregnancy or not. one fool is already suggesting their village witches self. Did she ever confirm being pregnant in the first place. and if she did wat is ur business. u guys learn to mind ur own homes abegggg

  4. if she did loose her pregnancy i am deeply sorry ini. she is one of my best actresses. will suggest she takes time out n relax.

  5. Very sorry ini, it may be the stress u passed through. Just take ur time and relax.God will give another baby that wil stay for you. Take hart!