Monday, 22 October 2012

Press release Pow! Omotola Backside Drama

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If you haven't heard about the Wave making Amina by now, you either live under a Rock or are a transiting Alien!The Highly Respected movie Amina which was premiered at the prestigious Empire Leicester on the 17th of oct, saw Omotola the Lead actress wearing a Breathtaking purple Icon invanity dress.
The first Reactions on people's faces when she walked up to the front after the movie,was priceless! People had just watched a tearful and extremely emotional performance,and the crowd which were mostly foreigners to Nollywood gasped...she's beautiful . Like they say, you don't really know what you got?or a prophet is not really cherished in his own town?remember that?...well with Pictures now floating around of Omotola's look everywhere, we went online to see what fans had to say.
Ashimi Emmanuel :- "Train stopper,dynamite!Can tap the dead into consciousness.
Yori tatanga:- No fake,like Nikki Minaj !All natural, all african, so beautiful
Warren Allen:- Obama not seeing this girl must be one of his most regrettable moments.where was she before Obama found Michelle.This girl fits to be a president's wife.
Milana exodebonheur:- Simply A Queen.
Most of these reactions were to a picture of her back view. Have you seen it?what do you think? Amina stars Omotola, wil johnson,Vincent regan,Alison Caroll,van vicker.
Broadcast by Theodoraibekwepr
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Photos by Sync and DJA Media.

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