Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Update: The Truth Behind Nollywood Actor-Rich Oganiru's Story

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This has been on for a while now and you must have seen different versions of the story all over the media. Though we cant make any conclusions at the moment, but I think it would be a nice idea to hear the husbands side of the story. 
Husbands story: please click read more to read the full story;
After losing his wife to sudden death, dragged from one prison to the other, tortured and beaten until blood oozed out of his nose and ears, Nollywood actor Rich Oganiru thought that by finally being vindicated and leaving prison, he’ll have a peace of mind.
But to his utter surprise, stories have been
flying around in the media that he did not only murder his wife for her wealth, he also confessed to doing so.
Now the one time superstar actor is out to clear his name. And in this statement below, he tries to explain to the world that his wife was not a rich woman so he can’t have killed her for her money.
Hear him:
“Meanwhile these heartless people [the wife’s family] have gone ahead to bury my wife without my consent. Now the next thing is that they are on the internet alleging that I poisoned my rich wife for her property.
“Let me tell you, my wife was a hardworking woman but about being rich, I don’t know, otherwise why did we scrape to the bone to find money for her treatment? We live in a rented apartment, so I don’t know the property I killed her for that I wanted to inherit.
“See, the callous people said I also killed my two former wives. My ex-wife is alive, healthy and bubbling with my two children. But I know there is God, and I must fight this to a logical conclusion. God is with me and my accusers will soon be put to shame.”
We believe more are still coming. Source: Nollywood gossip

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