Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sad And Devastating; Drunk Policemen Kill Man 5 Days After His Wedding

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This is the unfortunate story of my friend and brother. A young amazing guy – Ugo Ozuah. Ugo went to Kings College, Lagos and UI. He got married saturday the 15th of Sept, 2012. He was shot by the Nigerian Police 5 days later on the 20th of Sept, 2012 right in front of the UPS office on the Gbagada Express as he and his friend were flagging down a taxi cab. The police pickup truck pulled up and shot Ugo twice in his chest at close range as the bullet came out his back. He was not resisting arrest, he was not arguing with the police, he was not asked to identify himself, he just stood with a friend who came in from London to attend his wedding. These policemen in uniform were drunk, IG of police has said they were not his boys. I guess he saw them from his Abuja office. If we don’t raise our voices in unionism we may not get justice for Ugo so please keep broadcasting till someone listens and takes action. It may be your brother, sister, friend, child, parent etc tomorrow God forbid. But there has to be a process for the Police force. This unnecessary killings by people that are meant to protect us must stop. If they suspected Ugo he could have been shot in the leg, he should have been asked to identify himself. Not killed like an animal and left to die. Thank you and God bless as you broadcast. credit; Liborous Oshoma

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