Friday, 28 September 2012

Pet Lover: Drowned Couple Died Saving Dog

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A COUPLE believed to have been trying to rescue their pet dog have been found dead near a swollen river as flooding continued to affect parts of the UK. The bodies of mother-of-one Alicia Williams, 25, and bofriend David Platt, 25, were found by the River Clywedog where they had been walking their dogs. It is feared they tried to enter the river near Wresham and drowned in fast currents caused by heavy rainfall, which has raised its banks by 1.2m (4tf). Def Chf Insp Mark Pierce said: It's speculation to say whether or not the dogs have gone into the river and one or both of the couple have gone in to save the dogs. All the couples dogs have been recovered safely after the couple's bodies were found on Wednesday. Is is advised that everyone should be careful across UK.There were still 35 warnings of posible flooding in place yesterday, mostly in the north-east.  May their soul rest in peace. Metro

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