Sunday, 2 September 2012

Nollywood Actress,Halima Abubakar Looking All Sexy And Hot

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I really wonder why people criticize this pretty actress. I think she is real, pretty and sexy. Some of Nollywood actresses are proud and would not even want to socialise with thier fans. Just check Bella Naija's interview with Halima Abubakar and read through the comments and her replies. She is just sweet and humble.


  1. Halima is very pretty with lovely curves, but some stupid nigerians can be tribalistic! Especially the ibo people! I just love her acting but I always wonder why people insult her always. Go girl

  2. lovely pictures, she is a fine girl

  3. @ tunde, you must be a fool for what you said, why did you say ibo are tribalistic? what about yorubas. idiot