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Expert Advice: How To Last Long In Bed

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We all know the feeling: You've had an amazing time getting hot and bothered with your guy, but you just wish it could have gone on a little longer...
It's impossible to get too much of a good thing so we've asked Love honey's leading expert, Annabelle Knight, to share a few tricks and tips for making him last longer.
"Everyone's ideas about what a normal time to last is differs," she says. "Normal men last an average of just over 7 minutes. However, there are some men who claim to have premature ejaculation, but who can last around 25 minutes!"
The important thing is that you're both having fun. Whatever your usual bedroom habits are, you can use these tips to gear up for a full-on award worthy sex life. please click read more to read the complete trick

Mental distraction

If your guy is having trouble holding himself back in bed, you can take it as a compliment!
You're obviously getting him hot –fast. An easy way to apply the brakes is simply to give him a moment to distract himself.
When he's thinking about your sexy body and how great you're making him feel, he's bound to get a little over-excited.
"Turning your thoughts to something unsexual can take your mind off the task at hand," explains expert. This gives you both a bit of a boost in the lasting longer stakes.
But you might have to forgive his glazed expression...

Physical distraction
What if your guy's more focused on his body than his mind?
Maybe he could use some physical distraction - and you can take the lead in initiating a brief break if you sense him nearing the edge too quickly.
You don't have to stop completely; you can try just slowing down or putting a hand on his chest to push him back a bit.  This signals to him that you want to take things a bit easier for a while and gives him chance to settle down.
Alternatively, expert suggests a trick he can use on his own: "Try biting the side of your cheek and counting to ten," she says.  "Sounds a bit crazy, but it'll work!"

It seems obvious, but good communication between you and your partner can make or break a successful session.

If he doesn't know what you want, he's not in a great position to give it to you - and vice versa!
Be careful not to hurt his pride as sexual performance is a sensitive spot for everyone. Focus on the positives and try saying something like, "Let's take it slow and see how long we can go on," or "That was great - next time, let's do it for even longer."
If he's worried and wants to talk, reassure him and offer gentle advice rather than criticism. But don't push the issue - stressing him out will only make things worse!

Delay gel

There's nothing wrong with a little extra help, especially if it makes for better sex!
If you want to push your limits with an Olympic session, why not try out a delay gel? You can pick one up from any sex toy store or even some pharmacies, and they're not expensive.
expert explains that these gels numb the most sensitive parts of the penis, helping him to last longer. "They usually work in under five minutes so are a quick and easy solution,"expert says.
Make a game of it and try out different types until you find one that suits you both - you may find you enjoy the new sensation too!
Focus on you

If he needs a moment to calm down before continuing, it's not selfish to have him focus entirely on your pleasure... Well, not too selfish anyway!
Get him to tantalize you with all your favourite foreplay techniques so you're ready to rock when he's back on form.
The more times he takes a break, the longer your Olympic effort can last - and if he keeps you going each time he has a breather, you won't be complaining!
"It might be an idea to include a sex toy," adds Annabelle. "A couples toy can really take the heat off him for a while."

 Have more sex

We reckon he'll be a fan of this one...
One of the easiest ways to help him last longer is simply to have more sex. "Studies have shown that men who have regular sex tend to last longer in bed than men who don't," says expert.
Now if that's not a great reason to get jiggy with it, we don't know what is!
Don't pressure yourself to meet any targets, but increasing your weekly sessions might be the answer if you're holding out for a long-lasting sexathon. Practice makes perfect, after all.

 Go for round two

Who said an Olympic sex session had to mean just having sex once?
If your first attempt leaves you wanting more, then try keeping yourselves amused (we're sure you can use your imagination) until you're ready for a second round.
You won't both always be in the mood, but if you can get going a second time you can prolong your bedroom antics no end.
He'll take longer to come after the first climax, so you'll have more time to enjoy yourselves and turn a sprint into a long-distance run.

Don't give him what he wants

It sounds mean, but not giving him exactly what he wants may be the key to helping your guy - and your session - last longer.
Sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind!
If you know that one position gets him off quickly, stop and change places before he goes too far. Or if talking dirty immediately sends him over the edge, hold your tongue to make for a longer build-up.
The same goes for you. If certain moves wear you out faster and you're going for an extended sesh, hold back.  It might go against your immediate instincts, but you'll appreciate it in the long run!


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