Monday, 25 June 2012

Boko Haram Invades Damaturu Prison as Explosion Rocks Bauchi

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Barely 48 hours after the Yobe State government relaxed the total curfew on Damaturu, the state capital, to allow movement between to, the town boiled again as some suspected members of the Boko Haram sect broke into the prison in the town.
This is coming as an explosion was reported in the Bayan Darin area of Bauchi last night.

Confirming the invasion of the prison to journalists, the Yobe Police Commissioner, Patrick Egbuniwe revealed that only one warden was injured in the attack but could not say how many of the inmates escaped as he referred them to prison officials for accurate details of the escapees.
As at the time of filing this report last night, no response was received from the prison authorities.
Residents said they heard multiple explosions around the premises of the prison which is opposite the Emir’s Palace on Gashua road.
There has been a curfew in Damaturu since Tuesday, June 16 after a violent confrontation between the Joint Task Force and members of Boko Haram claimed over 90 lives.
The restriction of movement has prevented residents from ascertaining the nature and exact outcome of the attacks.
Security sources say Boko Haram suspects are usually kept at the small Damaturu prison before being taken to Abuja for further interrogation.HISDAY gathered that the main prison facility in the state is at Potiskum, the Damaturu Prison is walled by dwarfed fences and manned by only a handful of wardens.
Efforts to contact the JTF and the police for further details have not been successful.   In another development, the spokesman of the Boko Haram sect, Abu Qaqa has disassociated the group from the explosive devices that were found in a mosque in Kano last Friday.
Qaqa in a press statement issued Sunday also warned the media against lack of objectivity in their reporting.
Qaqa said “in respect of what we heard in the media Friday that some people attempting to detonate a bomb in a Juma’at mosque in Kano, this movement Jama’atu Ahlissunnah Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad hereby dissociates itself from this act. We are fully aware of this kind of conspiracy by the SSS, following a similar pattern of their counterparts in other countries to tarnish the image and reputation of Islamic fighters, they will not succeed, God’s willing.
THISDAY checks revealed that the sporadic gunfire was heard at about about 10 pm in Bayan Darin area of Bauchi, a few minutes after President Goodluck Jonathan ended his Presidential Media chat at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
“Everyone knows that we are waging Jihad to restore the supremacy of Islam, which is why we are labelled ‘muslim fundamentalists’,  how on earth can we then attempt to destroy a muslim place of worship. This is therefore a conspiracy by those that are averse to the enthronement of an Islamic state.”
and they will not succeed by God’s grace,
“We also wish to express our happiness over the martyrdom Allah has blessed our brother Habibu Bama with. We pray God accepts his martyrdom. Besides, death in the battle front is the ultimate aim of every devout muslim.
“We are still calling the attention of media houses.  As it is well known to them, we are trying our utmost to avoid quarrel with them but still some of them have failed to understand us. We placed one condition to media houses, and that condition is that any media outfit that knows that it cannot objectively disseminate any statement we issue out or knows that it can’t entirely carry it, then it should not carry any statement from the government even if it is from Goodluck Jonathan. Otherwise it should blame itself for whatever follows”. Qaqa stated. THISDAY

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