Friday, 20 April 2012

Naijaimpressions Exclusive Interview With Sultry US Based Pop Artist- Nenna Yvonne-Video attached

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Naijaimpression'S Interview with Nenna Yvonne

NI;You have been described as one of the next" big things" to come into the music industry, Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
NY; I am an indi pop artist. Im originally from Nigeria but raised in NYC. I now reside in Los Angeles where I am working on my first full length album. I just released my first ever mixtape called Blue Magic.
NI;What was your first exposure to music and when did you decide that you wanted to be an artist?
NY; I was 5 years old in grade school and my school teacher held an assembly and asked that I sing "My Favourite Things' from the Mary Poppins movie. Iw as so nervous and afraid but my teacher Mr Buyer actually encouraged me to pursue a career in music.
NI;.Who is your inspiration/What inspires you?
NY;I love trendsetters. People like Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue or Madonna move me. I also love the more gentle artists such as Sade and Amel Larreuix. I enjoy fashion and art. Anything that speaks creatively to the mind I love to engage in.
NI; What other musical activities are you currently involved in?
NY; I recently won the USA Songwriting competition, released a single in Holland and Japan and also had my single Go Around featured on MTV, VH1, Spike TV, The Cooking Channel, Fox News, AOL, Disney Channel, The Hills, The City and a few films as well
NI; .What advice would you give to youngsters and other upcoming artists?
NY; I would say to anyone looking to set higher goals for themselves to stay focused, stay strong and never let criticism get in the way of your overall dreams and ambitions.
  NI; What should your fans look forward to in the Coming year?
NY; I am actually getting ready to release my first album called Blue Magic, then following that is a tour with a few sponors which I will announce on my website in a few weeks. Then I have a live chat sponsored by BIG LIVE coming up March 20th. I also have a show in LosAngeles March 25th in which I have posted flyers for. I am also looking at collaborations with new and fresh producers with a great sound and an ear for music.
NI; Finally, we want to thank you for a great interview, hopefully our readers will learn more about you and also learn from your advice. You have got a great deal of talent and we want to wish you every success in your career.

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