Monday, 5 March 2012

A Pregnant Nigerian-Afolake Awoyemi, Gives Birth To 20,000dollars Heroin

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A Nigerian, Afolake Awoyemi, who said she was three months pregnant 'delivered' at Kennedy Airport, a stash of heroin worth $20,000, authorities said. The Daily News on Sunday, said Awoyemi attracted the attention of a US Customs and Border Protection inspector as soon as she waddled off Air France flight No. 6 from Paris last Wednesday.
The 42-year-old, who was wearing a “loose-fitting dress” was asked whether she was pregnant, and the woman replied that she was three months along, Homeland Security special agent John Moloney stated in a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.
The customs inspector noted that Awoyemi appeared nervous, so she was selected for a pat-down search. After feeling a “bulge” in Awoyemi's groin area, the situation escalated to a partial strip-search, according to the complaint.
When she dropped her drawers, Awoyemi's scheme fell apart. Pellets containing brown powder began dropping from her groin area - and the substance tested positive for heroin.
Awoyemi was taken to a medical facility at the airport, where the federal cops administered a pregnancy test that came back negative.
An X-ray showed more pellets in her intestinal tract, and by the end of the day she had passed about 25 pellets of heroin in a special commode that Customs officials have dubbed the “Drug Loo.” The high-tech toilet sanitises the incriminating evidence.
A Homeland Security spokesman said on Friday that Awoyemi was still hospitalised. She was expected to be brought before a federal magistrate on Monday (today). Source: Punch Nigeria.



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