Thursday, 15 March 2012

Medical Doctor Caught Having Sex With His Receptionist

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Embarrassing: Dr Huw Evans, 51, was with the woman when the health centre manager, Lisa Burtenshaw, suddenly walked in on them, at the Beacon Health Centre, Isle of Wight. A General Medical Council panel heard that Lisa Burtenshaw, the manager of the Beacon Health Centre, on the Isle of Wight, had needed advice from the on-duty doctor and, after being informed that Dr Evans was not with a patient, knocked on his door last May.

She then entered his consulting room – only to see Dr Evans and Miss A having sex on his couch.

Terence Rigby, for the GMC, said Dr Evans and Miss A admitted the incident had taken place.

He added: ‘Both Miss A and Dr Evans stated that it was consensual. Both felt that it occurred spontaneously.’

Dr Evans, a father of three, was not present at the hearing but said in a statement:

‘I was on duty that day and ended up having sex with one of the receptionists. I cannot remember whether she entered the room or I invited her in. I don’t know who approached who – it just happened. I apologised profusely to the lady who walked in.’

He was described as saying he felt like ‘kicking himself’ for not locking the door.

The hearing was told that Dr Evans had treated Miss A between December 2009 and March 2010, with Miss A subsequently becoming a receptionist at the health centre last year.

Mr Rigby reported that Miss A said her relationship with the doctor had developed over several months, ‘from talking to hugs and sexual relations’.

Dr Evans said the incident was the first time there had been any sexual relations between the two of them.

‘I had no recollection at that time that she had seen me as a patient,’ he added. ‘The revelation that she had been to see me as a patient came as a complete surprise.’

Of the sexual encounter, he said: ‘I’m ashamed and embarrassed that it ever happened. I can only apologise again for my lapse of conduct which has caused so much distress to all concerned. It was an insane and entirely consensual act.’

The hearing was told that Dr Evans, who has 27 years of medical experience, had been supervised at points over the past ten years due to the findings of a previous GMC investigation, relating to alcohol and relationship problems – but another of his colleagues, Dr Sarah Bromley, described him as a ‘great doctor’.

‘He was hard-working. We had no concerns about his clinical decisions,’ she said. ‘He was a supportive member of the team.’

As part of his professional duties, Dr Evans, of Newport, on the Isle of Wight, had been instrumental in setting up an IT system for the health centre’s consultations within prisons.

Dr Bromley said he had dealt with working in prisons very well. ‘It’s a very challenging environment, in terms of relationships with the prisoners. There was nothing out of the ordinary with Dr Evans – I was happy with him,’ she said.

However, she admitted that she noticed a shift in Dr Evans’s behaviour after he returned from a holiday. ‘He was very irritable and rude,’ she said. ‘He was very different to what he had been before.’

The panel heard that Dr Evans, who has separated from his wife, was under a lot of stress at work.

The hearing was also told he had foregone some time off due to staff shortages. Source: Online Nigeria

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