Thursday, 10 May 2012

SCANDAL!!!-Cheating couple got stuck during sex due to black magic-VIDEO ATTACHED

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The usual adage that says ''everyday for the thief and one day for the owner came into play in the case of these cheating lovers. The city of Nairobi was in pandemonium as a large crowd gathered to witness the mysterious drama that was unfolding. Apparantly, this particular Kenyan woman(Names withheld) had been cheating on her husband for years and the suspecting husband had tried every means of catching her red handed to no avail. After seeking advice from friends, he was said to have sought the help of a witch doctor who applied black magic on her without her knowledge.On the fateful day, both lovers had met as usual to satisfy each others urges when nemesis caught up with them. The man got stuck inside of her and all hell was let loose as both were caught. The husband was persuaded for hours to no avail by the police and concerned individuals. Watch the live  video to know how the story unfolded.


  1. when i saw this topic, i said to myself that i will not read it because its just the usual lie but I just decided to chk what up and low and behold the guy was actually having sex with this cow, how on earth with a right thinking person have sex with an animal? i just dont get it...this is total rubbish