Monday, 13 February 2012

GSM Providers In Nigeria: Boko Haram Threatens Attack

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Recent reports revealed Boko Haram's threat to attack GMS Provider in Nigeria. As reported the members of the Jamatul Ahlis Sunnah lid Daawa wal Jihad otherwise known as Boko Haram on Monday threatened to attack GSM service providers and the Nigeria Telecommunication commissions offices for their alleged role in the arrest of their members.
They accused the service providers and NCC of collaborating with security agencies in the moves that led to the capture of their members.
Speaking in a telephone interview with journalists in Maiduguri, the purported spokesman of the sect, Abul Qaqa, said the arrest of some top leaders of sect will not deter them in the 'holy war'.
He said security operatives thought that the capture of Abul Dardaa and Kabiru Sokoto will deter them from fighting the holy war.
The purported spokesman added that the killing of their leader, Mohammed Yusuf and some of their members did not in any way stop them from what they are doing saying, '' the arrest of Abu Dardaa and Kabiru Sokoto is just a will of God and instead of demoralizing us, will make us stronger in doing the “work of God.”
 He also denied reports that the sect forced their members to partake in suicide bombings. Source: The Nations.

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