Saturday, 18 February 2012

Banking Sack Saga In Nigeria: Oceanic Bank Workers Protest Sack

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The recent banking reforms in Nigeria is not only changing the banking operations but leading to massive sack of workers. Just recently 1500 workers of intercontinental bank were laid off by Access Bank. Yet another 4000 staff of the Oceanic bank has been laid off by Eco Bank.

In the midst of massive unemployment in the country, this is really very sad and unfair to the affected workers. Recent reports also indicates that many other bank workers will be affected by the Banking reform Policy as the Banking system in Nigeria is prepared to reduce operational cost by enforcing electronic banking system in a country embattled with lack of basic infrastructural facilities ,poverty, unemployment, insecurity etc. As reported the sacked workers of Oceanic Bank Plc on Friday disrupted activities at the Eco Bank Transnational Corporation Headquarters in Lagos. Eco Bank had recently laid off over 1000 Oceanic Bank employees after its acquisition of the troubled entity. 

The affected workers told our correspondent, who visited the bank, that the severance package that the new owners offered them was unacceptable, adding that their representatives had compromised on their demands.
One of the affected workers who identified himself as Frank Idemudia, said " we are not saying we are not leaving their job. What we want is for them to pay us the right severance package.
They are offering us contract staff N38 000 for one year, which means you will get N38 000 for each year you have worked for the bank. Source: Punch Nigeria. This is rather unfair, where do you want them to start from? what is your take on this?


  1. But this is very sad, millions of people are unemployed in the country and this people are still sacking staff. what kind of country is this.

  2. must they sack staff because of banking reform or merging? where will they start from nawa o

  3. The fat salary don sweet them...what of us wey no get job since 2002...make we go die?

  4. some people with beef sha...nawa for Nigerians o

  5. God will see them through but this is sad