Saturday, 7 January 2012

Women get non-medical grade silicon intended for use in mattresses ingested in breast

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Over 40, 000 women in the UK might be forced to remove their Breast implant following an unusual discovery. It was reported that around 40,000 women in the UK received implants manufactured by a now closed French
company Poly Implant Prostheses-PIP, which were filled with non-medical grade silicon intended for use in mattresses. This has resulted to fear and anxiety amongst the affected people as claimed by the report.  While many anxious women given PIP breast implants are still in doubt of what to do, the NHS has promised to have the implant removed without charges. However, the government stressed that private firms are also expected to offer the same deal. It is assumed that this will come as a form of relief to the affected people. Furthermore, the government added that, those women who had their implants on the NHS as part of breast reconstruction surgery which are believed to be around 5% of the total-will have both the opportunity to remove and replace them. Therefore, private firms are also expected to extend same good will to the affected individuals. This is a positive approach from the NHS and hopefully the privately owned firm will extend such good gesture to the affected women too.
As reported, the department of health said: "The NHS will offer a package of care for its patients, and expect the private firm to do the same."
Though the professionals undergoing review of the case stated further that there is no link between the implants and cancer.However the materials used for the implants were not supposed to be implanted in human.    
Also, the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is so concerned about the safety of the affected women and their level of worry.-Belfast Telegraph.
Another quote from the Guardian reads; "Until recently in France, the prevalent view, if anyone bothered to have one, was that by undergoing surgery for cosmetic reasons they were paying the price for their own vanity. But in November 2011, Pipette Edwige, 53 died of a rare lymph cancer, three years after an implant made by the French company-Poly implant Prostheses-PIP ruptured in her left breast, and France woke up to a health scandal".
It can also be remembered that in Miami-a woman named Morris was suspected of injecting her victims with cement, super glue and flat-tire sealant in an attempt to increase their back side and look sexy. However, the resulting effect of her action was the picture below. It was reported that Morris-a transgendered woman must have ingested herself with the above substances before using it on her victims. 
In an attempt to look like this, 

Or this?

Several young ladies go for cosmetic surgery.  
It is however advised to sort professional advise before undergoing surgery for cosmetic reasons. What are your views on this, Ladies and Guys that force their partners to look like a celebrity at all cost? Can you bear the consequences of a failed cosmetic surgery?                                                                       



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