Sunday, 1 January 2012

War and Aftermath effect of Civil War in Africa-Lets join hands to stop war today-Video attached

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War in itself is bad and terrifying, but the aftermaths of it is worse than the former. As seen in different countries around the world, the effects of war is always devastating and has a long term effect on both the country and the people that live in such society. 

Also, the use of weapons, the destruction of weapon and oil fields, fire, military transport movements and chemical spraying are all examples of the destroying impact war may have on the environment. Air, water and soil are polluted, man and animals are killed, and those still living feel the aftermath more than the former.
Adopted from GlobalSecurity: The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC is the widest interstate war in modern African history. The DRC became an environment in which numerous foreign players were involved, some within the immediate sub-region, and some from other regions. The war, centered mainly in the eastern Congo, had involved 9 African nations and directly affected the lives of over 50million Congolese. Thousands of people are dead and people are still living in fear of the unknown. The international rescue committee said that between August 1998 and April 2004 when the fight intensified, over 3.8 million people died in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Isn't this outrageous? Everyone deserve the right to live and have a decent life. Though, majority of the recorded deaths were from starvation and diseases-an aftermath of the war in Congo. Millions of destiny has been terminated and people's dream cut short. Millions more have become internally displaced or had sought asylum in neighbouring countries. These and many more are the aftermath of war. Love, respect and unity is an important factor in our society, we need to love, respect and tolerate each other for peace to reign in our community. War in itself is not good and we must stand together to day No to War. We must always think of the adverse effects war has had on countries like; Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Liberia, Uganda, Congo and many more. The video attached is a devastating aftermath of the war in Congo. We are supposed to be families and friends, please lets join hands to say No to Civil war in Africa.  

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