Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Terror in South Sudan as hundreds of people have been killed in the massive wave tribe-on-tribe violence -video attached

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It is alarming the rate of killings and massacred that has been reported in the recent times. And it is important to identify the root causes of all the happenings around the world in order to find a sustainable solution. The tribal violence in Southern Sudan has taken another turn. As reported, some 6000 fighters from the Lou Nuer ethnic group have been pursuing members of the rival Murle community. The battle which has been on for several months has claimed several life's. As reported, in just a single incident last year, 600 ethnic Lou Nuer were killed. Recent reports indicates that red cross volunteers
are trying to reconnect several helpless young children with their missing parent after thousands of residents of the community forcefully relocated to the bush in order to find a safe place. Though, it is believed that majority of these people have been killed following the violence.
Adopted from BBC; The clash began as cattle raids but has gone out of control.
The Southern Sudan's army and the UN have sent reinforcements to the town of Pibor, which was attacked on Saturday, but they are heavily outnumbered and wary of being seen as favouring one community over another.
Mr Boloch, from the Murle Community, said people who managed to flee the crises community-Pibor during the incident had since been hunted down and killed near the River Kengen, south-east of Pibor.
He stated further that "Children and Women were massacred in that area-it was yesterday on the 2nd of January up to the 3rd," he told Sudan Catholic Radio News. Another woman was also reported to be in tears as she told the BBC that her mother had called to say that 20 family members had been shot dead on Monday-all women and children. There are also reports that many people may have drowned in a river as they fled the attacks.
Another report also reveals that Save the Children said on Tuesday that up to 25, 000 women and children fled the violence to the river near the bush.-news 24. From the analysis of the above, it is clear that thousands of people fled to the river and out of which many could have drowned due to fear of attack. what do you think is the solution to the crises in different parts of the world? Your comments might make a difference.

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