Monday, 9 January 2012

pharmacists under the auspices of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria warns that drugs price might increase by 50%

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Reports reaching us directly from Nigeria indicates that prices of every single commodity is on the increase. Analysis of several reports also indicates that people are already feeling the impact of fuel subsidy removal in just few days of its implementation.As reported, prices of drugs might increase by 50%. This might have a negative impact if proper care is not taken. A report from naija impressions correspondence in Nigeria reveals
that most Nigerians in the rural areas resort to buying drugs from chemist and local merchant due to excessive hospital bills. In view of this, increase in drug item by 50% might be disastrous.
Adopted from Vanguard Nigeria;
LAGOS -  Twenty-four hours to the commencement of the planned nationwide strike to protest the recent removal of fuel subsidy by President Goodluck Jonathan, pharmacists under the auspices of  Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, PSN, have told Nigerians to expect a 50 per cent rise in the cost of basic drugs in the country.
National President of the PSN, Mr Azubuike Okwor, who stated this, weekend, in Lagos also regretted that the hike in costs of basic drugs in the weeks ahead was inevitable if the decision to remove the subsidy was not reversed.
Okwor traced the cost to increases in running costs for machinery and equipment, vehicles and overall logistic plan related to professional handling of drugs by manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailer.
Further regretting that the timing of the subsidy withdrawal has also left a sizeable number of Nigerians stranded as they are unable to pay the new fares after a long holiday said: “We also see more agitations for wage increases by various cadres of personnel in the sector who would be genuinely seeking to cushion the distress that this policy will foist on them.”
Confirming that PSN will be joining other Nigerians to protest the recent withdrawal of fuel subsidy, the PSN President noted: “As part of the multiplier effect of this unpopular government decision, the citizenry has been subjected to unprecedented hardship in all sectors including transportation where the increases on local and intercity travels have increased to between 100 per cent to 200 per cent.”

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