Friday, 6 January 2012

New update: 17 Igbo men killed in Nigerian terrorist attack

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As recently reported, At least 17 people were killed in Mubi in Adamawa state as gunmen opened fire in a town hall where members of Christian Ibo group were meeting. There was another deadly attack reported in Adamawa capital, Yola.  
The Islamist Boko Haram group said it had carried out the attack in Mubi and another in Gombe on Thursday night in which at least six people died.

The group which means-western education is a sin has staged several attack in different parts of Nigeria in the recent times and they promise more attacks. On Christmas day, they attacked a church killing several people. One report indicates that the group has given all Southerners ultimatum to vacate the north and that northerners should to return to their various home or risk been attacked. Last week, the president of Nigeria declared a state of emergency in some Northern states in Nigeria. However, recent development shows that the strategy might not be the best. Analysis of different reports indicates that people are of different opinion when it comes to the solution to the Boko Haram problem in Nigeria. While the government military crackdown has not really been effective, it has also resulted to many casualties in the recent times. However, some people believe the best strategy to solve the problem is dialogue. Based on comments and evidences gathered from different research, vast majority of the people believe dialogue might be the lasting solution and the use of force will only be temporary. Are you in Nigeria? what is your view about the Boko Haram issue in Nigeria?  

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