Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mosque attacked in Benin City Nigeria

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As Nigeria enters the second day of fuel subsidy protest, report reaching us indicates that all business activities are on hold and angry protesters are all over the street. Also, it has been reported that a mosque and some Islamic schools have been attacked and burnt down by some set of people in Benin City Nigeria. Another report states that northerners in the area are already leaving in fear of further attack.
The report also indicates that five people has been killed and 6 injured. It follows a separate attack on a different mosque in Benin city on Monday.
It can be remembered that 17 Ibo men were reported killed in the northern part of Nigeria Last week and several Christians have been killed. However comments from different social networking sites indicates that this might be a counter attack by the Christians to show their grievances and anger towards the various killings reported in the northern part of the country. As reported thousands of northerners based in the south were seeking refuge in police and army barracks in the city. Two cars at the centre housing the mosque and Islamic school were also torched police said.
The incident started when some angry youth attached a mosque on Monday and left 10 people injured.
Nigeria writer and the Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka blamed the violence of recent months on the on leaders who put their own religion above national unity. He added further that; "We see the nation heading towards civil war. We know that the civil war was preceded by problems-serious killings on both sides of the regional divide", he told the BBC. "When you get a situation when a bunch of people can go into a place of worship and open fire through the windows you've reached a certain dismal watershed in the life of that nation"-BBC. Before the fuel subsidy issue in Nigeria, various killings has been reported in different parts of the country and mostly blamed on the Islamic group-Boko haram. Their has been reports of serious security threat in the country, poverty, bad roads, bad governance and many more.However, people believe the Government in insensitive to the needs of the people at this difficult time. Following the fuel subsidy removal, several death has been recorded in different part of the country. what do you think is the solution to all the recorded problem in Nigeria?

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  1. But why all the killings? This is really very sad