Friday, 6 January 2012

Fresh Updates!!-Nigerian fuel Subsidy protest in London-Video and Pictures attached

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Having been given the permission to protest earlier by the Metropolitan police in London, Nigerians in London gathered outside the Nigerian high commission, Northamberland London building today the 6th January 2012 to protest the removal of fuel subsidy by President Goodluck Jonathan. Thousands of Nigerians comprising of students, workers, professionals, Nigerian societies and groups came out today to show their anger and concern about the development of things in Nigeria following the announcement of subsidy removal by the Government.
Despite all the protests and riots recorded in different parts of Nigeria following news of subsidy removal, the government still insists that their is no going back on the proposed change. The resistance which has been widely supported by different groups in Nigeria such as; NBA-Nigeria Bar Association, Nigerian Labour Congress-NLC, Nigeria Medical Association-NMA, Trade Union Congress-TUC and several others have also been criticised by some. However, the government have been using different strategies to stop the impact of the riots and protests in different parts of the country. Reports reaching us indicates that the government sponsored members of the National Industrial Court on Friday ruled that the proposed strike by the Labour Union must not hold as scheduled for Monday. In response to that, the TUC-Trade Union Congress insists that their is no going back on the proposed strike. At this point, no one knows what will happen on Monday and everyone is anxiously waiting. We have also been briefed by some of our correspondents in Nigeria that the concerns of the people is not only on the increase in fuel price but rapid increase in transportation, food and every basic needs. From statistics of the survey carried out from a small sample, this seems not to be the right time for the proposed change, people believe the Government is supposed to be sensitive to the needs of the people. Results from the survey indicates that, the Government's concern should be more on improving the living standard of the people through the provision of standard and affordable health services, good roads, good educational system, stable power supply, good security for citizens etc. Another result indicates that the minimum wage is too low in comparison with the outrageous inflation that the fuel subsidy removal would trigger. One John Adeleke said during an interview with naijaimpressions that; "Even without the fuel subsidy issue, life is very hard in Nigeria for the Average Nigerian and basic salary is not enough to meet all your daily needs".  We have all seen and heard the stories about the fuel siubsidy issue. what is your opinion about the subsidy removal in Nigeria? Your comment will be analysed and who knows might be a solution.

Watch Video  below

Pictures from the London Protest






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