Sunday, 1 January 2012

Congo jail break kills 9 and injures 50

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As recently reported, 9 inmates were killed in Congo prison break and several other people were injured on Sunday. The incident that was triggered by an attempt to set off a grenade by an inmate resulted in some casualties. Shortly after the incident, ciaos and violence erupted in the prison located in the central African country. This development lead to the escape of over 1000 freedom seeking inmates in a maximum security jail in September. However, the prison inmate who caused the incident by pulling the pin out of a grenade did not eventually throw it.
A general was quoted saying, "50 people were wounded in the incident in a prison in the eastern city of Bukavu, and that an investigation was looking into how the inmate had got the grenade. The general further said that a jailed ex-colonel appeared to be amongst the masterminds of the attempted escape.
Congo's prison has been ranked by the United Nations as one of the least developed prisons in the world and are known for overcrowding, tough conditions, and bad security.-Reuters.
The harsh situation of inmates in prisons across some African countries have been reported severally. It is however advised that those countries affected should adopt better strategies in order to improve thier prison conditions based on human right watch.

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