Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Breaking News: Resistance to fuel subsidy in Nigeria as angry individuals take to the street

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Angry protestants flood the street of Lagos, Ibadan, Kaduna and other parts of the country to resist the fuel subsidy removal. As reported, Nigerians of diverse classes and economic status reacted angrily to the removal even as the price of petrol fluctuated between the #141 maximum price prescribed by the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency and #200. Starting from Monday when this news materialise, concerned individuals gathered at the Eagle square. Thousands of people matched through the streets to show their frustration about the proposed change. However, one person has been reported dead in ilorin during such protest and several arrest has been made. The heavy presence of military men and police seems not to be enough to calm the situation in many parts of the country as reported. Also, cases of brutality by the solders and police have been reported in Lokoja-Abuja road. Though analysis of different reports indicates that the government might not change their mind on the proposed change but concerned individuals are also not willing to give up on the fight. A phone interview conducted at exactly 2.30pm Nigerian time with one Mr Akintude-a resident of Lagos state indicates that prices of everything has gone up since the declaration of the proposed change and people are ready to fight till the end.

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