Friday, 16 December 2011

Woman dies after taking Paracetamol to relief pains from headache

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The Centers for Disease Control recently released data that show for the first time that more people now die from drug overdoses than from car accidents in the United States. In particular, researchers attribute the increase in overdoses to a dramatic rise in the misuse of prescription narcotics.It is always better to see your doctor or take your prescriptions as advised by your doctor. 

The news of Sharon Loughran's death is all over the media. It was reported that she died as a result of an unintentional drug overdose. The incident that was only caused by the use of two or three tablets of paracetamol. She was left stricken by liver failure as a result of her action.The sudden liver failure led to her brain rapidly swelling and gave doctors no chance to save her. People have been warned severally not to take more than two 500mg pills in any four-hour period and no more than eight doses over a 24-hour period. But majority of the people do not adhere to this standard, which as a result is causing grievous bodily harm. It was reported that Sharon was generally fit and healthy but just with frequent headache before her death. On the day of the incident, Mr Loughran, Sharons husband said he only woke 5.30am after hearing movement only to find his wife lying on the floor and breathing in an unusual manner as reported. She was however rushed to the hospital but died two days later.
Pathologist Marek Witkowski said a post mortem examination revealed bruising on her body, acute damage to the liver, and signs of severe brain damage.
A forensic expert who investigated the case reported that going beyond regular doses of paracetamol would eventually lead to acute liver failure.-Express reports.
As a result, it is however very important to understand the dangers of drug overdose and try to avoid them.


  1. OHHH dear its soo shocking d harm dat drugs can thing to do dont take them at alll

  2. i dnt think the panadol killed her. its just painkillers man. something else must definitely be responsible for her death