Saturday, 3 December 2011

What a World!!!! 21 Years Old Rapper Commits suicide over Girlfriend

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I was amazed when I saw this. According to major Ghanaian news platforms, an upcoming Ghanaian rapper from Tema, Gabe Smalls ended his life on Tuesday after his long time girlfriend abandoned him for another man.
Sometimes just hearing about suicide is enough to push someone over the edge but according to research, it is a leading  cause of death worldwide. Several factors have been identified as determinants or triggars for individuals to think about commiting suicide and amongst many of these factors are mental health problems, severe depression, anorezia nervosa which is a situation  where a person is very nervous about their weight and keeps it as low as possible by stricltly controlling what they eat. Other causes have been linked to genetics and family history, poor job security and lifestyle. In the case of this 21 year old, he got  very emotional  about his girlfriend dumping him. Find below some of his facebook comments shortly before he died.

 "Seeing the one you love love someone else is like having a dove in a cage. love it soo much,you do everything to make sure its safe and happy but deep within it wants to fly away,soo nothin you do pleases it.....You jux gotto let it go,mourn it as if it was dead and let da pain it left you Go."
    "Some People will Like you,Others won't Like you.......It's just a Normal Thing in Life.....If we get used to this Fact,Life will be as Easy as 1 2 3"

    "Chocolate & Pain"
    "Ma New Single 'A HEARTBREAK SONG' comin soon"
    "Ironing clothes for church tomorrow....Been a while....Father Lord Forgive me my trespasses"

cross your fingerzz my people cus i got a brand nu one for all o y'all....."A HEARTBREAK SONG"......Filled wit touchin words....
  Looks like he saw his own death coming.What do you think guys, personally I do not think any situation should make a person to think about taking his/her own life. It is simply outrageous.

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