Tuesday, 27 December 2011

US condemns and promises to assist Nigeria on Terrorist attack

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The white house has promised to assist the Nigerian government in fighting terrorism. This is coming after the Christmas day bombing that has left many people in doubt about the ability of Nigerian government to combat the growing terrorism threat. The news has generated different comments from concerned individuals on the facebook page of president Goodluck Jonathan. Analysis of over 4000 comments on Goodluck Jonathan's fan page on facebook indicates that people feel frustrated about the way the government is handling the issue of terrorism. 

As reported, Goodluck Jonathan reassured Nigeria that the government will not relent in its determination to bring to justice all the perpetrators of today’s acts of violence and all others before now,” the President said.
Also, the United States, Europe and the Vatican have condemned in strong term the Christmas Day bomb blasts in Nigeria with the US pledging to assist Nigerian government in tracking down those responsible for  the dastardly act. -The Guardian
However, the president's fan page on facebook has been bombarded with different comments showing anger and frustration of the people as follow;
One Olaitan wrote and I quote, "I write you this with sadness and anger, your comments on the bombings that took place on 25/12/11, that ''with time it will fizzle out and we have to live with it'' is really appalling. It is not acceptable, coming from a President of a nation. It's better you don't say a word than to say something like that. how do u want the families of those that were affected feel or react to ur comments.
I also think your Government inability to deal with this situation now may lead to hundreds of thousands innocent people losing there lives.
If you cannot protect the lives of those who voted you into office, its better you resign and vacate Aso rock. People are dying everyday and you sit there and do nothing! common Mr Goodluck, Dont be a 'Badluck to Nigerians
 And Baba wrote; 
"Just when we needed a president we found our selves puppet/dummy. Yes jonathan, i said it, you dont deserve to be called president infact, the country has no president if there was, wouldnt have those checkpoints now turn toll gates collecting 20 & 50 from drivers and poeple still getting robbed and killed. But if we have a president then his is a MORRON if not, there would have been Christmas this year too"
 While Olufunso wrote; " Dr GEJ,it is a shame that you are still occupying the seat of the president of our country,if you love this country as you claim sir,why is it so difficult for you to tackle our security challenge head on.Security has gone beyond deploying policemen,you should start by sacking all your service chiefs,the Ministers of defence and Interior,and appoint people with experience who are also willing to lay down their own lifes and bring confidence back to the people of this country,you should also get help from our foreign partners such as the US,Isreal and the UK for proper intelligence.The truth is that sir,you have failed us as the father of the nation but its not too late to get to serious work and healing of the country.I hope you won't wait Aso rock come under attack before you act sir but if all this seem to much for you,pls do the honourable thing by tendering your resignation before the situation gets out of hand!!!"

Analysis of the above shows people's frustration and anger against the government. And I believe this has to be addressed as soon as possible. How best do you think this issue can be resolved? your comments are welcomed to implement change.

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