Tuesday, 6 December 2011

US Church bans interracial weddings.

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Bans on interracial marriages that started in a US Baptist church has triggered racial concerns among the worshippers.
Wedding days are always memorable days for both men and women regardless of their race or gender,even though vast majority of the people believe women are more excited than men on wedding days. It is still a day to celebrate for both parties. After which they decide to live together happily thereafter. However, the recent development in a Baptist church has triggered concerns among members of the church. It was just reported that two couples has been banned from attending the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church United State based on racial discrimination. Stella a white girl and her black fiance Ticha from Zimbabwe has been banned from attending the church. This was a decision made by the church members after they voted to prevent interracial couple from attending services or participating in any church activity except funeral. The church former pastor who was in support of the resolution has been accused of racial discrimination. The resolution which states that interracial marriage is not condoned in the church and anyone involved will not have the right to participate in any church activity has been widely supported by the church members.Though about 25 parishioners did not support the motion but these was just like dropping water into the sea. The Zimbabwean man who has been living in the US for over 12years can not believe the extreme decision made by the church council. The big question now is that will these spread to other churches or be reversed?

Please just take a look at this lovely interracial wedding video? Isnt this beautiful?

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