Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sad and devastating as initial report indicates that the reported missing Tosin, the Nigerian National jumped at Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge on Friday

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Reports coming up this morning indicates that the reported missing pretty Nigerian National-Tosin Oyelowo was last seen by motorists and pedestrians leaping from the Bridge. The actual circumstances surrounding this incident can not be confirmed at the time of this report but few concerned individuals believe she might have decided to end it all. No one can actually tell the reasons behind such an extreme decision at press time nor confirm the actual story.

But the initial report by MountPleasantPatch-an online platform states;

The woman who reportedly jumped from the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge on Friday was a 25-year-old MUSC student, according to police reports and various online articles.
Olutosin "Tosin" Oyelowo, a Nigerian national with roots in Wake Forest, NC, was last seen by motorists and pedestrians leaping from the Bridge, a Mount Pleasant police report states.
Calls reporting the jumping were received around 3:30 p.m. on Friday, according to reports. Police found Oyelowo's purse and driver's license at the summit of the bridge in the area where callers reported seeing her jump.

Police located Oyelowo's 2007 Toyota Yaris at a convenience store in Mount Pleasant where many pedestrians park to walk along the bridge's pedestrian path.
Water searches for Oyelowo by Mount Pleasant and Charleston police, as well as the U.S. Coast Guard, have not been successful in the days since the jumping was reported.
MUSC reported Oyelowo, a first-year pharmacy resident, missing when she did not report for work on Monday, said Heather Woolwine, university spokeswoman.
"We were concerned for her safety," Woolwine said. "When we couldn't reach her, we contacted police, and now it's really more in their hands."
Several website list Oyelowo as being "missing" in South Carolina since Dec. 9. Though Mount Pleasant's police report lists the identity, confirmed by the driver's license in her purse and documents in her parked car, Charleston police have not released the jumper's name.
"We won’t know the identity of the person who jumped until the body is recovered," said Charles Francis, police spokesman.

The sad news came as everyone prayed for her safe return. With one touching comment from Jacob prince stating;  "Heaven Please respect the tears on my face and the faces of others and bring her back safely before Christmas.... Lemme get the happiest news that she's back in good health...
With heartbreak I screamed when I got this link on my line on twitter@Princejv2 and with a bleeding heart I cried unto God with tears on my face.
T'óbá jé àmúwá ènìyàn ni, k'ólúwa wá sanwón l'ésan t'óbá tó síwon... Elédà másùn oooo!
I can hear God say "ENOUGH!" to the oppressors... He said "HOLD IT!" to agents of the devil... And "PEACE BE STILL!" to all we disturbed souls especially OLUWATOSIN soul" 

 and another one from Emake that "Pretty shocking.... Just unbelievable as a Nigerian we are cultured, highly cultured and always determined to succeed regardless of all the challenges one may have faced.... I wip for the family of this lady as based on some traces of these information it actually seem to be correct that she is the one... Let God do his will on her..."
We will update you as soon as we get more information about Tosin


  1. Sad story .Well , God will bring her home alive,Amen!

  2. May God bring her home alive. it is really not possible that she has committed suicide. i still believe she will be found. she has no reason to comit suicide

  3. what!!!!! did she actually commit suicide? nooo dis is not happening