Monday, 12 December 2011

Interview with Nollywoods giants by Golden Icons, who is your favourite? Uche Jonbo-real, Jim lyke-bold and Tonto Dikeh-sexy

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Watch the exclusive interview with the three Nollywood giants. Jim lyke seem to be acting bold as usual and Uche Jombo acted so real and sincere, while the sexy Tonto Dikeh is her usual self- high. They all responded to the vicious online rumours about them. watch and enjoy.

                                                                            Jim lyke

                                                                        Uche Jombo
                                                                           Tonto Dikeh



  1. Am just in love with tonto...she is so pretty...Uche thumps up....Nawa for Jim oooo

  2. Tonto just does her thing basically she doesnt care lmaooo ilove uche she is soo down to earth.. jimm jimm d big boy lol...

  3. Lovely performance...Tonto Dikeh