Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Nollywood actress who was condemned to death by hanging escape from prison

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Rabi Ismail-a Nollywood actress sentenced to death by hanging for killing a male friend in order to acquire his property has just been reported missing from the prison. Ismail who was reported by BBC in July 2011 to have been condemned to death following a court ruling that she drugged Ibrahim with a sweet, before drowning him in a dam in Kano. Rabi was reported to be a member of kannywood-the hausa language version of Nollywood in southern Nigeria. In 2007, the states Islamic authorities denounced the industry, saying it promoted immoral conduct. Though the circumstances surrounding are escape are not clear at the time of this report but as reported officers in charge of the prison confirmed are escape. However people are beginning to wonder how she managed to escape from prison with all the security. In response to the incident, the prison controller stated further that Ismail was accused of murder and a high court in Kano ruled that she was guilty and sentenced her accordingly. So far Six people including 3 female wardens have been arrested and been investigated for the mysterious escape from prison. what do you think about this?

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