Friday, 2 December 2011

Nigeria Goverment insist same sex bill irrevocable

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President of the Senate, David Mark File

President of the Senate, David Mark, has reacted to the criticisms from the international community over the passage of the bill prohibiting the same sex marriage, saying the action by the Senate is irrevocable.

Speaking while receiving the German Ambassador to Nigeria, Dorothee Janetzke-Wenzelin, in his office on Thursday, Mark said the Senate would not change its position in the face of threats by some foreign nations.
He restated his position that countries could withdraw their aids to Nigeria if they wished on account of the law on the same sex marriage.
Mark said, "It is unfair to tie whatever assistance or aid to Nigeria to the laws we make in the overall interest of our citizens, otherwise we are tempted to believe that such assistance comes with ulterior motives.
"If the assistance is aimed at mortgaging our future, values, custom and ways of life, then they should as well keep their assistance."
He also assured foreign missions in Nigeria of their safety as the Federal Government had risen to the occasion to check the menace of security threats.
He said, "There is no need to panic or contemplate leaving Nigeria on account of security. We are doing our best to contain the situation. Recent events have shown that we are capable of handling the situation.
Mark said Nigeria was aware of the challenging security situation and was exploring all reasonable local and international avenues to tackle the situation.
"I can say without fear of contradiction that our efforts are yielding results in dealing with the security situation. So there is no need for anybody or mission to contemplate leaving Nigeria, we shall overcome," he said.
According to him, Nigeria and Germany have a long history of bilateral relationship which he canvassed should be improved upon for the benefit of both nations


  1. This is better, we re not from abroad, what is the meaning same sex marriage, total rubbish

  2. that's great as it is alien to our culture

  3. I think the international stuff is bullsit, why should help or aid come at a price or with condition, if they want to stop their aid I think nigeria can still survive if we have better leaders, cos we have d resources its just nt evenly distributed, but I cannot really blame these international community they are in more shit than most african country even with their so called developed countries

  4. It's better for the foreign nation to withdraw ALL their so called aids, since it's now revealed that it is a 'poisonous manner'.. Nigeria can stand alone with God already on our side.