Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Mother and two children stabbed to dealth in cold blood

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The mysterious death of an entire family in a house in Leeds UK is still baffling everyone. A nice and caring family of four as described by families and friends were found dead in thier Pudsey home at the early hours of Saturday.
It was reported that Clair Smith and her two children were stabbed in the chest and eventually died from the injury sustained. However, the husband was also reported to have died from smoke inhalation, eventhough he also sustained a stab wound to the chest area. This is really shocking and disturbing. I am sure everyone would be wondering what could have lead to the death of this amazing family or who could have murdered them in cold blood. Investigations are still going on into the cause of this mysterous death and hopefully the pepetrators of this evil act will be brought to book soon. Condolence to the family.


  1. May God be with there family and may there soul rest in peace

  2. This is so insane, how could someone do this. Condolence to the family