Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Making statements with your hair on your wedding day-Photo gallery attached

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The wedding gown is one of the most important aspects in a wedding. But other things are crucial to its success. This ofcourse includes the wedding hairstyle. This is sometimes overlooked by most brides to be. But the hairstyle should be planned along sides the wedding dress becauce they both compliment one and other. when choosing the right hairstyle, it should go one on one with the wedding dress neckline and hair pieces that the bride will be wearing. Simple combs with veils can work with any hairstyle, however if a bride wears her hair down, straight or curly, the teeth of the comb will not be too secure.
The bride may then want to pull the sides or the front of her hair back so that the comb will have interlocking hair to secure with. The way a woman wears her hair on her wedding day is significant because it is a reflection of her personal style and the style of the wedding. Wedding hair can be worn down and around the face, or down and off the face behind the ears. It can also be worn with the front pulled off the face and styled with the back down. The main aim is to look your best. Also give yourself enough time to have your stylist do a trial run with your hairstyle of choice before the wedding day. Consult with your stylist along with pictures of your wedding dress. Schedule appointment with your stylist to see what specific hairstyles will look alike. Ask the opinions of bridesmaids to see which hairstyle they like. The key to achieving the right hairstyle for your wedding day is to be flexible and open to the advice of others while listening to your instincts. Proper planning and the expertise of a skilled hair stylist can transform a dream beautiful hair on the wedding day into a reality. Find below a gallery of wedding hairstyles you can choose from for your special day.


  1. I love these hairstyles, definitely choosing one for my wedding. winks

  2. Lovely girls....I love the second hair style

  3. The first is my favourite.