Saturday, 3 December 2011

These are the best times for nollywood as Federal Government set to give them millions of dollars!!!

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This is actually a very good time for the nollywood stars and a pay back time for there hard work in the industry as the FG is set to disburse 200million dollars to the industry. 
We just hope everybody will share out of the national cake and not the people with long legs and the madams in the industry. The money was actually approved in January but the time has come to enjoy it. This money is mainly aimed at improving the entertainment industry to international standard.
These seems to be a welcome development if it will actually be used for the good of the industry and not embezzled by some set of people. Information from the FG reveals that the long awaiting money will be available to the industry by January 2012. What do you think about this good gesture from the Federal Government?


  1. I think it is necessary for the FG to invest in every sector in the nation

  2. this is absolute nonsense, why is Nigeria sleeping when other countries are working hard. Its a shame? FG should better invest there money wisely, nothing is working in Nigeria.