Saturday, 3 December 2011

Interesting; The other side of Tonto dike, Nigeria's screen diva

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The fast rising Nigerian movie star who just recently had a controversial tattoo which had many tongues wagging has again added another line to her many tales but this time around she has done so  on a positive note.

 The queen of Nollywood, who has grown a thick skin to most abusive writings and comments directed at her is going to be contributing her own quota to society come this December  10th by celebrating 100 brilliant students both from public and private schools in Lagos. Newsmen reached her on time to ask what has influenced this sudden act of generosity and she was quick to say this this
“The act of rewarding brilliant students with scholarships and through other means which used to be very prevalent in those days seems to have gone into extinction. There are thousands of intelligent students who need to be shown lots of love, if not for anything but for their outstanding successes. The idea is to appreciate them in any little way I can and this Christmas period provides an excellent opportunity.”
Tonto has since her 2006 AMBO days seen a very quick rise to fame in the make-believe industry in Nigeria. She has just come back from the United States where she was on tour for her new movie Damage