Monday, 12 December 2011

A generous woman willed $13 Million to her lovely CAT

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In the middle of the recession that hit most part of the world, a generous woman in her early 90's has just willed a lump sum of $ 13 million to her lovely cat. This might mark the world records of the world richest cat an online magazine stressed. 

A generous Italian woman-Marisa Assunta, who has just been made popular for her generosity towards her lovely pet was reported to have no friends and relatives as at the time of her good gesture.   
So the cat named Tommaso, who is estimated to be about four years old and rescued from the street by this   
generous woman can now boast of millions of dollars and afford to live in a mansion with other friends and family. However, the only limitation to the above is that Italian Law does not permit animals to inherits. Therefore the Tommaso's inheritance-(The cat) will be passed on to the lovely nurse that took care of the elderly woman. We hope the nurse takes Tommaso for good shopping!!! or what do you think?   


  1. Hmmmm. Pets are becoming more like human to many these days.

  2. How insane can one get. first of all how is the cat going to make use of the money. There are people living in poverty and all this woman could do with her money is to will it all to a mere cat!!!!!!!! goshhhhhhh this is absolutely mental.

  3. This is really interesting, how on earth will you will so much to just an animal?

  4. This is just funny