Thursday, 15 December 2011

Exotic places you can have your romantic honey moon/family holidays and getaways around the world

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Are you thinking about where to visit for a holiday? Or thinking of having a memorable honey moon somewhere far away from home? why not check out some places you can visit.

Exotic Villa Mayana Costa Rica
Here is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The name is Villa Mayana, located in Costa Rica. The villa has an astonishing design with a beautiful swimming pool and lovely sceneries.
The luxurious paradise in Costa Rica is one of its kinds. With lovely landscaping outdoors and beautiful classy indoors, nothing can be compared to this Villa in terms of style and design. At night time, it looks more like a Romantic Getaway.

Algarve, Portugal Luxury Villa

Here is another luxury Villa located in Algarve, Portugal. This is a perfect holiday resort for couples willing to experience luxury and romantic holiday. The terrace itself, apart from giving a huge sense of space, calm and quiet, have separate areas of curling up and sitting peacefully and for outdoor activities. The scenery of the pool give enough satisfaction and fun.

The Luberon in Provence

Here is a stylish villa in the south of France, its exotic view makes it unique and stylish. The swimming pool is one of its kind with beautiful design and view.The location is just  an hour or two from the Mediterranean sea. Which makes it one of the best locations for holidays in the world.

Sol de Caribbean-Spring farm, Motego Bay Jamaica

Looking up Caribbeans is this colourful mansion, with one of the best views in the world. The swimming pool is large and unique. One extra ordinary characteristics of this beautiful mansion is the panoramic views of the deep blue Caribbean sea. This unique characteristics has made it a choice for many people looking for a time out with their family and loved ones. So de Caribbean is inviting from the first moment you lay your eyes on it

Dream Castle Villa, Montego Bay Jamaica

Are you particular about stylish holidays or honeymoon and thinking of having a completely pink outing? Dream Castle Villa seems to be the best choice for you. This stylish villa is the best for romantic getaway. Dream Castle is located on the beautiful Iron Shore Estates and just 20 minutes from the newly constructed International Airport in Motego Bay, Jamaica. This executive villa is excellent for holidays, weddings, honeymoons, engagement and just any stylish event.

Eden-Sugar Hill Resort, St james

This magnificent villa has marble stairs leading up to a gallery which leads into lounge with its high pickled pine ceiling.  One extra ordinary characteristics of this beautiful mansion is the fabulous views of the deep blue Caribbean sea, pools and Gardens. Its completely a new idea for holiday makers. The beautiful environment is enough to keep you wanting to come back.

Villa Melissa-Holetown

Villa Melissa at Barbados is an exclusive holiday villa with one of the best design layouts in the world. It has a private garden and private pool. This can be a perfect place for couples that love an exclusive and private outing. Another unique characteristics of this lovely villa is its location near the white colourful beaches and flexible access at any time of the year.


  1. I am dreaming right now of a romantic pink honeymoon hmmmmmmmmmmm definitely going somewhere nice wen d time COMES

  2. This places are so beautiful? but how much is a night?

  3. The second picture looks great, where exactly is that if i may ask?