Thursday, 29 December 2011

A dream come true: Opeyemi and Oyedayo's wedding

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It was love at first sight when Opeyemi saw his princess on that fateful day, November 4th, 2009. The groom Opeyemi said "The mother of a close friend of mine came visiting and it happened that she stayed in my apartment in London. During her visit,she had a couple of visitors. On this particular day My friend's Mum hinted that she was expecting a relative whom eventually turned out to be the love of my life. I was lucky to be at home that day when this beautiful damsel knocked on the door asking to see my friend's mum. 
On opening the door, I could not hold my breath for a second because as soon as I saw her, I knew that there was something special about her and to be honest, I have always prayed that my wife should locate me by all means. All the while she was with my friend's Mum, I was hoping to have a word with her but the opportunity never came up. I tried to catch her attention to no avail because she did not even notice me. Immediately she left, I asked the woman who the beautiful lady was and I tried to get more details. She noticed that I was very interested and offered to arrange a meeting and from that moment everything else worked out and my dreams became a reality. Many thanks to the nice woman who made my dreams a reality.  Opeyemi and Oyedayo celebrated their Engagement ceremony in a grand was a very colourful and romantic event as the bride and groom were looking breathtaking in their traditional attire.There was music, dancing, eating and rejoicing. The engagement ceremony was followed suit by the white wedding which was also a ceremony to behold. The beautiful bride captivated everyone's attention in her  elegant mermaid wedding dress, her crystals earrings and accessories. Her hair was beautifully done in an Up-do style. Her prince charming was also looking smart in his grey tuxedo and yellow tie. The day was a glorious one as everyone rejoiced with the couple. Naiaimpressions  wishes this lovely couple a life full of blessings, joy and happiness Congratulations. Scroll below to view pictures from the event.


 White Wedding         

Traditional Wedding                                                                             



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