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Choosing the perfect wedding dress for your body shape

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The wedding dress is a very special one to most women because it signifies that one dress they can only wear on that very special day of their lives. Planning a wedding on its own could be a very daunting experience. One big aspect that would be brides often find difficult is choosing the right wedding dress that perfectly suits their body shape.
This could be sometimes caused by too many choices to choose from, falling in love with the wrong dress that doesn't flatter their body shape, cost of the dress, designer type to choose from, type of fabric, colour and lots more. However, women often find an aspect or aspects of their body flattering and would love to enhance these aspects. This could be their waists, hips,shoulders, neckline or even their legs!. For future brides who have found this particular aspect daunting, here are some tips below to guide you in your search for that perfect wedding dress. To make it easier, we are going to describe different types of wedding dresses and body shapes and then recommend correspondent wedding dresses that each body shape should go for.
For the purpose of this writing, there are at least five types of wedding dresses namely;
The Empire wedding dress;
This type of wedding dress has a high waist line, falling from under the bust. The top half can vary from from dress to dress giving a lot of variance.

The A-line wedding dress;
This type of dress is created A-shaped and it is shaped through the bodice until the hip line where the dress falls to form an A-shape. These dresses can be found in both full length and short gowns.

The Mermaid wedding dress ;
Fitted through out the body, the mermaid dress dress is a narrow petite dress with flared helm. it is a simple, elegant and sexy dress.
 The Ballgown wedding dress ; This type of dress has a fitted bodice and a floor length skirt. and often referred to as the fairytale dress.

The Tea-length wedding dress; This type of short length dresses are cute and great for showing off great legs or detailed footwear.
This section is going to give you an insight into the type of body shape that you possess and the type of wedding dress that will suit your shape;
Hour glass body shape; whether you are tall or short, the hour glass shaped women are usually characterised by bold curvy figure. They usually have a slim waist with a medium to large bust and small shoulder. well if this is you, then you should be proud of your defined features which is centered around your hip area. The perfect wedding dress would most likely be the ballgown, A-line or sheath wedding dress.
Pear body shape ; The pear shaped woman has her curves empahasised on the bottom half, with small bust sizes, slim torso and waist, they have shapely hips, butt and thigh but usually have minimised weight at the back. Dress type;The A-line, empire, ball gown or mermaid
Apple body shape; with shapely slim legs and delicate shoulders, large bust, wide torso, full waist and a curvy figure are the characteristics of apple shaped women. Dress type; Tea length, empire or A-line.
Petite body shape; The petite woman is characterised by delicate body features and subtle curves. she is short (cute) with average size bust, naturally toned body. Dress Type; empire, Tea-Length or A-line

 In conclusion, whatever style,  designer, dress type you choose to wear, your wedding dress should absolutely make a statement, should be something that suits you, something that makes you comfortable and above all one that will make you the centre of attraction and  most importantly make your groom drool with desire in anticipation for the wedding night!(winks)

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