Sunday, 25 December 2011

Call to Christians worldwide to pray for Nigeria

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The Religious Liberty Partnership has issued a call to Christians around the world to join in praying for an end to killing and violence in Nigeria. The Cyprus Statement expresses deep concern over the way in which deadly clashes between Christians and Muslims are being handled by the government. It acknowledges the role the church in Nigeria has played in trying to end the violence and calls on the global church to pray for the religious rights of all Nigerians to be respected. It also asks Christians worldwide to provide humanitarian aid and support reconciliation efforts.The statement was issued by the RLP at its recent conference in Cyprus following the horrific massacres of Christians, including women and children, in villages near Jos last month. Mervyn Thomas, head of Christian Solidarity Worldwide and RLP Chairman, said: “The Cyprus Statement calls amongst other things for the perpetrators of violence to be brought to justice. "If these people continue to kill with impunity, the violence will escalate even further, and will eventually endanger the entire nation.” Andy Dipper, head of Release International, said Christian in central and northern Nigeria were today facing “unprecedented” levels of persecution. The area around Jos has been a particular flashpoint for sectarian violence in recent years because of its situation in between the mainly Christian north and largely Muslim south. He praised the response of the Nigerian church to the attacks.He said: “The Nigerian church leadership pare actively choosing to isolate those perpetrators of these recent killings by not retaliating and relying on God to sustain them in their grief.”-Source: Christiantoday

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