Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Breaking news: Explosion in Northern Nigeria-kaduna left 7 people dead

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A recent explosion in the highly populated Northern Nigeria-kaduna has left 7 people dead.
Though the actual figure can not be confirmed yet at the time of this report. But people in the kaduna environ are in shock. A recent phone interview with one residence of the area by naijaimpressions crew indicated that the actual cause of the explosion can not be ascertain at press time. There were conflicting reports circulating about the actual cause of the explosion. Though some residence of the area believe it was a bomb attack, while others argue that it was triggered by a petroleum retailer. However the actual cause of the deadly explosion can not be confirmed yet. But from reports, the explosion has left 7 people dead.

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  1. goshhhhh!!!!! why are these peoople destroying themselves...