Monday, 5 December 2011

Activist and Saudi council disagrees on lifting car ban for woman

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For some time now, Saudi women has been baned from driving cars with the insinuation by the council that driving of cars by woman will reduce virginity and increase prostitution, homosexuality and divorce among the women.
They stressed further that if removed, the number of virgins will reduce drastically in the society and this will be a disaster. The majority of women in Saudi hires drivers to take them around. Though it is not legal for women to drive in Saudi, but those that ignore the rules are mostly arrested by the council if caught. However a recent report of rape by a woman by her supposed driver has triggered anger and protest within activists in the society. According to a recent article, a woman in Saudi Arabia accused her driver of raping her at gun point. Following this unfortunate development, activist groups has called for a massive protest against car ban in Saudi. Thousands of women went on the street with their cars driving with all excitement on the street. This is a very nice experience one woman said as the rally continued for days. The big question now is that will driving actually reduce virginity in Saudi Arabia?

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