Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The 13 years old girl that lost her parents and siblings to christmas day bombing in Nigeria speaks out

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The unfortunate Christmas day bombing  in Nigeria has not only caused pains to the victims but separated people from their loved ones. This is the case of the 13 years old Nancy who lost her entire family in the unfortunate incident. As reported the young girl decided not to follow her parents and siblings to church on the day of the incident. Despite pressure on her by her parents and siblings, the fortunate Nancy decided to stay back at home and attend to some domestic needs while other went to church but never returned.

There was no premonition that death was lurking in the corner.Far  away from the church, Nancy was preparing to dress her hair when a loud and ear-deafening sound rented the air. Like a wild fire, the news of the bombings at her parents church went round the town. Suddenly, Nancy remembered her parent and siblings went to church this faithful day and decided to rush to the church. She was in shock when she saw the burnt body of her sisters and parent in their car just by the church.        
Recounting the story, Nancy said: "I was not with them. I had to go and do my hair because I was in church throughout yesterday, preparing for the Christmas. So I was unable to make it to mass, despite the pressure mounted by my father to dress up.".
"At about 7.30am, I went to do my hair and from there, I heard some people talking about bomb blast at St. Theresa Church. So, I went to check. As I was about entering the church, and was making enquiry, I saw somebody lying on the ground, dead. I know my dad's car, everybody in the car was dead. The first person I identified was one of my sisters; she was dried up by the fire from the explosion. I saw my parents in the front seat, and they were all burnt in the car.  I lost my entire family; my parents, my sisters. I lost all. I was crying because I can see a bleak future of me. Where do I go from here? I was not only confused; I initially felt all hope was lost. The only thing I recalled was that some people came and dragged me away from my father's burnt car."-Nancy said.
Now living with the Parish Sisters, Nancy is hopeful of a good future.-source-The nations.

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